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SAM Safe Air Monitors protect equipment operators 

against carbon monoxide emissions.

August 24, 2018   

Charlotte, NC For Immediate Release --- Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning is a leading cause of workplace injury and death among industrial workforces according the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Developed and manufactured by Safety Technologies, SAM Safe Air Monitors protect operators of forklifts, floor polishers, and other industrial equipment against CO poisoning by monitoring air quality and alerting workers of unsafe conditions. 

SAM utilizes state of the art electrochemical sensor technology to calculate CO concentrations and alert equipment operators if CO levels exceed OSHA exposure limits. If unsafe air quality conditions exist, SAM will sound an alarm and if CO remains at unsafe levels, SAM automatically shuts down equipment to prevent poisoning. SAM also displays and records engine hours, RPMs, service intervals, and air-fuel-ratios. Data is logged on the device and transmitted to a SAM application via Bluetooth for analysis. 

“Safe Air Monitors are specifically designed for indoor use engine powered applications such as forklifts, generators, construction, and cleaning equipment where CO poisoning is a higher risk,” said Jeremy Hahne, President of Safety Technologies. “SAM protects against CO emissions by alerting operators of unsafe air quality levels prior to injury and powers down equipment if OSHA CO exposure limits are reached.”

Safe Air Monitors will be factory installed on leading brands of construction, cleaning, and material handling equipment this fall. SAM can also be installed on existing equipment and are available online at

About Safety Technologies

Our goal is to keep workforces safe and productive, with uncompromising integrity and passionate innovation. Our team works closely with original equipment manufacturers in industries such as construction, material handling, and power generation to co-develop products that keep their customers safer and more productive. For more information, visit  


Steve Buchannan, Clean Polish

I trust the safety of my crew and my customers to SAM Safe Air Monitors and wouldn't consider running my propane equipment without SAM.

Greg Denton, Scanmaskin

We at Scanmaskin will be installing the SAM units on all our propane grinders. We think it's a great safety and monitoring tool.

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