sam monitors carbon monoxide emissions

How SAM keeps you safe

SAM Safe Air Monitors keep you safe by measuring carbon monoxide in working areas of industrial equipment such as forklifts, generators, floor grinders, and other construction equipment. If unsafe air quality conditions exist, SAM sounds an alarm and then powers down equipment to prevent CO poisoning. SAM saves emission and engine data for the life of the machine and alerts you to perform scheduled maintenance like oil and air filter changes via a Bluetooth connection.

How SAM works

SAM utilizes a factory calibrated internally mounted carbon monoxide sensor to read and monitor ambient air quality. Additionally, SAM uses an oxygen sensor in the exhaust stream to measure engine air to fuel ratios to determine if the engine is running properly or needs service. If poor air quality or high emissions exist, SAM notifies you through a series of alarms and shuts the equipment down if no action is taken.

SAM Features & Benefits

SAM logs the following data:

  • Carbon Monoxide PPM Levels
  • Engine Hours
  • Engine RPMs
  • Service Intervals
  • Battery Voltage
  • Engine Air Fuel Ratios

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